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perfect for schools 


McCain Simply Potato is made from selected potatoes that have been simply peeled, blanched and then quick frozen ready for cooking.


The range has been created to help you to prepare and serve a variety of dishes from scratch in less time, while managing waste, time and costs more effectively.


NO fat - simply peace of mind

NO salt - simply healthier 

NO waste - simply more practical

NO labour costs - simply lower costs 


Special prices for CaterBuy schools have been negotiated, so now is the perfect time to try them for yourself.


Simply Potato is prepared without oil in line with School Food Plan guidelines, helping you to meet Primary and Secondary school food-based standards.



New news! McCain Foods is now an approved 'Food for Life' Supplier, which may help you to achieve 'Food for Life' status, manage your kitchens effectively and serve consistently great tasting food.


The simply Potato range includes all the potato cuts you need - Dice, Roasts, Wedges and Mash. It's naturally low in salt, fat and saturated fat and made without preservatives, so there are no allergens to worry about.


Four Versions

Roasts -

A healthier non-fried product, containing no added salt, fat or chemical preservatives.

Wedges -Perfect as a potato accompaniment across the school day!
Dice   - Great for casseroles and soups, or use as an alternative to Wedges!
Mash  -As close to your homemade mash, in half the time! Delicious, smooth and fluffy year-round!



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McCain Simply Mash School Meal






CaterBuy - The School Meals Buying Specialists! Huge Savings on School Food Trust compliant food products incl. '3663' First For Foodservice.





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McCain Simply Slices meal



                          McCain Simply Dice     McCain Simply Mash     McCain Simply Roasts     McCain Simply Wedges
CaterBuy - The School Meals Buying Specialists! Huge Savings on School Food Trust compliant food products incl. '3663' First For Foodservice.
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