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Important Web Links

Please find below useful web links relating to healthy eating in Schools and Academies. These links provide a broad range of information applicable to the Catering Manager and the Bursar, right through to School Governors looking to lead the change to healthy eating and gain 'Food For Life' Catering mark accreditation ....


Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent's School Food Plan site. Contains important information including implementation of the new School Food Standards, checklists and guidance
Food standards, nutrition and recipe resources
A checklist of all things that will make a big difference to meal take-up and food culture in schools. A ‘What Works Well’ (WWW) visit is the opportunity for schools who are looking for support in improving their UIFSM provisions, to visit others who have successfully implemented changes. The support services are being led by Children’s Food Trust and LACA, with the ‘WWW’ visit element being delivered by the Food for Life Partnership.
Assistance for allergens and intolerances; School Food Standards; religious diets; Food For Life; and calendar and theme days
Sustainability hub, including 'how to' guides; case studies; regulatory guidance; template materials; supply chain stories etc. Discover and share thoughts and ideas about sustainability in foodservice.
Official government buying standards for food and catering services
Learn 'What Works Well'! The Catering Mark has been cited by the Department for Education as a national framework to support caterers to increase uptake of quality school meals. The Government's new Plan for Procurement recognises the Catering Mark as a 'well-established' best practice tool. The Catering Mark provides independent endorsement that caterers are meeting the school food standards and serving food prepared from fresh, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients.
Procurement of Fairtrade products by catering managers contributes towards attaining Food for Life status
The MSC eco-label promotes sustainable seafood. Eating sustainable seafood on the 'fish to eat' list will assist towards the 'Food For Life' Catering mark accreditation. The MSC ecolabel is the most trusted and recognised indicator of seafood sustainability.
Red Tractor products assist in gaining 'Food For Life' Catering mark accreditation
Information about re-cycling and food waste management
The McCain 'simply potato' range can help meet your school's needs with student pleasing products.
Delicious and 'Standard compliant' food to assist schools to meet the new food regulations.
Theo's Chicken & Food Company present relevant school meal concepts
Potato Education For Children & Teacher Aides
The latest news in food standards and recent issues
UK-Based Charity For Healthy Eating. Offers Schools Further Advice
Useful advice for primary schools.
Guidance on healthy eating and on-line nutrition training
Assists Primary School Children To Understand Where Their Food Comes From Within The Farm