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Storage space.
More ...
Variety of fillings.
Less ...
Oven space.
McCain Signatures Jacket Potatoes.

McCain Jacket Potatoes


"Savour The Flavour" Pritchitts' Viva
Delicious tasting low fat flavoured milk

Theo's Chicken -
Home Of The Chicken Wrap!
Fresh succulent chicken marinated in 23 exquisite flavours ...

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CaterBuy assists the busy caterer to purchase competitively across a wide range of everyday catering goods and services. We combine together the purchasing power of all our Members to negotiate centrally with the best suppliers, offering the best service, at the best prices, on a massive variety of food and equipment.




We will undertake a no-obligation appraisal of your purchasing, and provide you with cost comparisons to show you opportunities for saving.


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CaterBuy can offer you thousands of cheaper prices!

We use the combined buying power of our Membership to negotiate centrally with major suppliers to obtain preferential terms for all our Members (or CaterBuyers as we like to call them!).


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We have selected suppliers with extensive ranges of quality products and negotiated keen prices across all the product categories stocked. This enables Members, should they choose, to purchase a large proportion of their regular requirements on a small number of orders. Administration is minimised and workload significantly reduced as a result of fewer orders to place, deliveries to receive and invoices to process.


Members are always free to use other suppliers, especially local suppliers for those products they prefer to source locally. All products stocked by CaterBuy suppliers are available to Members. There are no 'barred' products.


Our team has extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the catering industry to support and assist you on your purchasing.


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